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  • This fall, 15 workplaces across Canada ran UP Skills for Work soft skills workshops with their employees through our Workplace Delivery pilot program. Friesens Corporation in Altona, Manitoba was one of them.

  • Ambreen Sarai, Economic Reintegration Specialist for the City of Toronto is a big supporter of employability skills programming. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with more boots on the ground than Sarai who manages, among other things

  • At the Lethbridge Public Library, books are not the only way visitors can learn. In fact, the library has a suite of adult literacy programs, and this fall, it will add UP Skills for Work to its schedule. The Lethbridge Public Library’s Read On Adult

  • What are the top skills employers look for in new hires? You might be surprised to find out that they’re not always technical skills specific to the job

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  • Workplace literacy refers to the fundamental skills employees need to have in order to fulfil their work functions and manage the demands of their jobs in a healthy, productive way. These skills include both essential skills and employability or soft

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